Updated COVID-19 information

Lolma. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and are being safe. Below is some updated information on the pandemic.

Doctors urge shelter in place

Members of the UA COVID-19 modeling team recommend a shelter in place until December 22nd in order to avoid a catastrophe where hospitals will be forced to decide who gets life-saving care.
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Video message from ADHS Medical Director Cara Christ:

Flagstaff Medical Center concerned with rise in hospitalizations

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Gates Foundation Helps Strengthen Nonprofits for Covid-19 Response

As the potential effects of the coronavirus on people, nonprofits, and the economy began to crystalize in the spring, hundreds of organizations—more than 1,100, actually—popped up across the country to provide emergency funding.  

Funds then flowed in from donors who wanted to help out in their communities. The outpouring of donations has been phenomenal, says Victoria Vrana, deputy director of “policy, systems, and giving by all” on the philanthropic partnership team of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

But, many of these relief organizations—even though started by well-established nonprofits, in many cases—were overwhelmed, and they needed support to handle those funds. 

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Request for information

Lolma. Do any of our readers have some background information on the business entities listed below? We would like to do a series on Hopi-owned businesses and share their stories of success.

We feel that this information is useful for all the Hopi people who are finally venturing out and starting their own businesses. We would also like to do a series on the Buy Indian Act in order to share information on how this can be leveraged to grow Hopi-owned businesses.

Hopefully we can get some job growth on the Hopi reservation. Kwa’kway.

Business Entities

  • Hopi Technologies, Inc.
  • Grand Canyon Hopi Tours
  • Hopi Carvings and Paintings

FDA grants emergency use authorization for Regeneron Pharmaceutical’s REGEN-COV2 antibody cocktail

On Saturday November 21, 2020 the FDA granted an emergency use authorization (EAU) for the antibody cocktail used to treat President Trump back in October.

The antibody cocktail is known as REGEN-COV2 and is manufactured by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. As you may know, this will most likely cause a stir in the stock market tomorrow morning. As of 11:54 am MST, their stock (REGN) is listed at $518.74.

We will reach out to the local IHS facility to ask when they may receive this new antibody cocktail. Remember, you can also reach out to your village Council Representatives to ask when Hopi will receive the COVID-19 vaccine and doses of REGEN-COV2.

Below are some useful links to keep you informed:

IHS Announces COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

November 21, 2020

On Thursday, the Indian Health Services released their COVID-19 vaccination plan which outlines information how the vaccine will be distributed once it becomes available. Please see the attached file for details. Kwa’kway.

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Researchers recruiting 1,500 people for COVID-19 vaccine trials in Phoenix

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Researchers in Phoenix are looking for 1,500 people to participate in clinical trials for an investigational vaccine that may prevent Covid-19.

AstraZeneca has partnered with CCT Research to test the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Individuals who have already signed up are encouraging others to do so and potentially help restore a sense of normalcy amid this pandemic.

“I think medicine is going to solve this,” says Brandon Mullan. “I just kind of want to see society take a deep breath.”

The 37-year-old says he is healthy and an avid runner to boot. He wants people to know he trusts the process and the researchers and that he’s getting all his questions answered.

Mullan says he has seen people lose jobs during this pandemic, and he has seen others get sick.

“I do feel the frustration, and I want this to be over with,” says Mullan. “I want us to kind of use common sense with everything that’s going on.”

“We’re all trying to get back to some normal way of life,” says principal investigator Dr. Tom Fiel.

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Request for Art for Wilma P. Mankiller Health Center, Stilwell, OK


Procurement Description

The Cherokee Nation is seeking bids for the Hulbert Lost City Road Project CN-0914-02 in Cherokee County. This project is the construction of 4.3 miles of pavement rehabilitation, grading, drainage and surfacing of an existing county road. Surfacing will consist of 10’ lanes and 1’ gravel shoulders.

Buyer Information

Sherry Waters
Phone: 918.453.5000

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New Mexico one of 4 states in Pfizer pilot vaccine delivery program

NEW YORK (NEXSTAR) — Pfizer announced Monday the launch of a coronavirus immunization pilot program involving four states to help with planning vaccine delivery and deployment. Last week, Pfizer announced its vaccine candidate looks to be 90% effective.

The four states, which include Rhode Island, Texas, New Mexico and Tennessee, were chosen for the U.S. COVID-19 Immunization Pilot Program because of their differences in size, population and immunization infrastructure.

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