A few hours of flu-like symptoms? ‘Absolutely’ worth it for this woman who was in a Covid-19 vaccine trial

(CNN)Four hours of body aches cured by a common pain reliever.

That’s the extent of the side effects Susan Froehlich endured after taking two shots of an experimental Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. And she would “absolutely” do it again if needed.

“I woke up with a horrible stomach ache and headache, and it was like I was at the beginning stages of a bad flu,” Froehlich told CNN during its global coronavirus town hall Friday night. “And so, I didn’t have anything to take for it at the time, so I was in a lot of pain until about four hours later, when my husband woke up and I had him go get me some Naproxen.”

“All those symptoms went away. If I had had Naproxen right away, I think those symptoms would’ve abated more quickly. But my muscles hurt, my joints hurt, my bones hurt, my jaw hurt,” she said. “But it was for such a short time.”

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