A quiet Saturday afternoon drive to the Gila River Community

We decided to take an afternoon drive to the Gila River Community south of Phoenix. To our surprise, there was little traffic on the loop 202 and even in the community itself.

One thing we did find was a local popup eatery at the entrance to the community. We were happy to see that customers were practicing social distancing and the vendors walked up to take orders just like a local fast food joint. Their food looked delicious and was likely to include popovers, tamales, frybread and other local favorites.

Upon leaving the community, just north of the loop 202 was a nice alfalfa field with tons of baled hay and more growing for next harvest. Too bad our Hopi Community doesn’t have access to enough water to grow all sorts of crops that would feed our families and not make us dependent on the local border towns for fresh produce.

It was a nice drive and made us feel closer to home even though we are far away from the Hopi Senom. Take care, be safe, and have a relaxing weekend. Kwa’kway.