Breaking news: Water has overflown the banks of the Polacca Wash

July 24, 2021

East end of Polacca

After years of neglect, the Polacca wash has overflown and flooded homes in the south part of Polacca, Arizona. Having grown up in this area, I have not seen the Polacca wash in such poor shape, and homeowners left to clean up the mess. Historically, the Polacca wash has been contained to a central flow of water from the Navajo Nation located east of Polacca and flowing west to the Little Colorado River. However, in recent years a build-up of silt has been causing the wash to become one big flood plain and eventually leading to devastation for several families.

BIA Route 14 looking south toward 5-houses

The Hopi Tribe is onsite trying to build a levy that may control the flooding and prevent more houses from being flooded. There are several unpaved roads in the area that have been blocked off to allow maintenance workers to control the flooding. Below are some images of the flooding from atop First Mesa along with some images near the local bridge showing just how high the water has risen.

The images below were taken from atop First Mesa and shows just how much of flood plain has been created over the years.

Photo of Polacca looking toward 5-houses
Photo showing how much of a flood plain the wash has created.
Photo of Polacca Wash – looking west.