Building a future with bamboo

January 17, 2023

From Jim Sheehan to Hopi Times

I’d like to introduce the thought of growing bamboo throughout your Tribe and others.  Bamboo has many good qualities for building homes.  The best is the lumber is nearly free as you can grow bamboo on most any soil.  First benefit is growth at up to a yard a day, along with grow it’s highly absorbent of carbon dioxide that’s converted to oxygen.  To my knowledge bamboo has not become a big production item in the United States.  I’ve done some background searching for bamboo production in the United States and am sent to the closest country producing large amounts is Costa Rica.  Bamboo is not a wood product that termites feed upon.  When building homes it will take some research on how to process bamboo which can be found on U-Tube.  How to clean the interior of the stalks and the purpose to do so.  The foundation is a simple piling

Design.  Columns and major structural supports are the larger diameter bamboo stalks bound together in several way.  Depending on the size of the home the foundation uses 4 of the large bamboo stalks

Approximately 4-1/2” to 5” in diameter. Once the frame is assembled you can work on flooring, walls, window framing, doors, porches along with how to finish the structure.

This program is really designed to do several things and to discover what other products you can make from bamboo.  You can build furniture, tables, beds and on and on. 

For the Children using smaller stalk you can make kites, heavier stalks you can make wagons, carts, bicycles most anything that utilizes a strong frame.    As the knowledge is gained by learning on U-Tube and by doing the service can be provided outside the tribe to bring in a substantial amount of money depending on how many you can devote to these projects.

One other great thing about bamboo verses conventional stick or concrete building is it has an amazing amount of lower yield. That means the building blown in strong winds will give but not break.  Something that is possible to build for resale includes Green Houses, Hot Houses or glass houses.  You can build tree houses for children, playground equipment, different styles of backyard structures for adults to utilize for leisure, an office, an art studio. 

This is a simple skim over the opportunities that bamboo could provide first for housing low income families with most of cost being equipment needed to form the bamboo into what is needed and the equipment required for  drilling holes, making strong foundations for heavy wind areas, wrenches to tightening bolts.  Eventually as this becomes a staple in the Tribe you’ll be able to invest in higher grade equipment built to make doing different aspects of the home by machine instead of by hand. I hope that bamboo becomes a home for all Tribal members, furnishings for all members, provides a better life for all member and over time 

A HUGE money maker that exceeds your current means.