Chi’zhii rez girl passes AZ bar exam

PHOENIXI had not slept at all last Thursday night having tossed and turned in high anticipation of the release of my Arizona bar exam results. I had done everything I needed to do to pass this notoriously difficult exam.

To become a licensed attorney, law graduates are required to pass a minimum competence exam – “the Bar Exam.”

At 7:55 a.m., I took one breath before I clicked and scrolled down the alphabetically listed names. Immediately, “Begody” jumped out at me.An overwhelming flood of emotions overcame me, and a montage of hardship and moments of both failures and successes sequenced in my mind, as tears began to roll down my face.

I screamed to a friend who had shared in this moment with me, “I passed!” as I began jumping up and down in tears.

Accompanied by many tears of humility and a state of euphoria, I look back on my journey through law school and preparation for the bar exam.

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