Tax Liens Available for Purchase – Own Your Piece of the American Dream

March 15, 2023

Imagine yourself as a property owner in Coconino County and all the possibilities available to you on your next trip to Flagstaff.

As a Native American journalist, I am pleased to share information about the benefits of buying land using tax liens in Arizona. Tax lien sales provide an opportunity for ordinary citizens like you to purchase properties for a fraction of their market value while also helping local governments collect unpaid property taxes.

In Arizona, when property owners do not pay their property taxes, the county can place a tax lien on the property. These liens give the county the legal right to sell the lien to an investor, who can then collect the unpaid taxes, plus interest, from the property owner. If the property owner does not pay the taxes within a specified timeframe, the investor may foreclose on the property and take ownership of it. This is where you come in and use your hard-earned dollars to get a piece of the American dream for your family.

One of the primary benefits of buying land through tax liens is that you can acquire properties for significantly less than their market value. In some cases, you may be able to purchase land for as little as a few hundred dollars. This can be particularly appealing for individuals or businesses that are looking to acquire land for development or investment purposes. Moreover, for individuals looking to build a home or build a business outside of the restrictions placed on Indian Trust lands, aka the rez.

Another benefit of buying land through tax liens is that you can often obtain properties that are otherwise difficult to purchase. For example, some properties may be tied up in legal disputes or have other issues that make them difficult to sell on the open market. By purchasing tax liens on these properties, you can potentially acquire them at a discounted price and then work to resolve any outstanding issues.

Additionally, buying land through tax liens can benefit local communities by helping to ensure that property owners pay their fair share of property taxes. When property owners fail to pay their taxes, it can put a strain on local government budgets and services. By purchasing tax liens and collecting unpaid taxes, investors can help local governments maintain necessary services and infrastructure.

However, it is important for you to do your due diligence before purchasing tax liens. You should research the properties you are interested in and understand any potential risks associated with acquiring them. Additionally, you should be aware of the legal requirements and procedures for purchasing tax liens and foreclosing on properties if necessary.

In conclusion, buying land through tax liens in Arizona can offer significant benefits to you while also helping local governments collect unpaid property taxes. However, you should approach these transactions with caution and conduct thorough research before making any investments. Below are some useful links to county government websites where you can learn more about available property, how to register to purchase property, sale dates, and much more.

Coconino County Tax Liens Available for Purchase

Navajo County Tax Liens