Coronavirus: Trump administration attempts to prevent evictions using CDC quarantine authority

The Trump Administration will use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s authority to halt evictions for a broad swath of American renters for the rest of the year, citing a “compelling case” to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The move goes beyond who was covered under the CARES Act, which was restricted to rental residences backed by federally-backed, single-family mortgages. Between 30 million and 40 million Americans remain at risk of losing their homes in the next few months after a federal eviction moratorium expired on July 24.

The moratorium requires more proof of need from renters and past-due rent must be repaid after 2020, according to senior White House officials. Questions also remain whether the administration has the authority to direct the move.

“The CDC has made a compelling case that it is problematic at this time [and] homes have been the focal point,” a senior White House official said. “If people get kicked out they might get put in overcrowded congregate facility centers, and that is why CDC has taken steps and is very much in authority.”

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