Decommissioning resumes at Navajo Generating Station

PAGE, Ariz. — The Navajo Generating Station decommissioning is now ramping up following a suspension of work because of the coronavirus.

Within one to two weeks, an estimated 100 more workers are expected to arrive to help with the decommissioning.

The project resumed in mid-July with the demolition of the Unit 3 Absorber pump house and the 10-story-high Limestone Prep Conveyor.

Independence Excavating of Independence, Ohio, the contractor in charge of the NGS demolition job, calculated how to bring the conveyor down through an engineering analysis. The contractor told the work crew what cable size was needed, where to place them at the foot of the conveyor, and how the conveyor would fall. Once the cables were connected from an excavator, the Limestone Prep Building fell to the ground within seconds.

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