Dine College Announces Another Reason to Further Your Education


July 28, 2022

Today’s younger generation are living in unprecedented times and must take advantage of the opportunities available to further their education. Historically, our people weren’t wealthy in the pahana sense, and unable to easily fund a four-year college education. Instead, we had to rely on scholarships, the Pell Grant, and dreaded student loans if we wanted to attend college. At times, our people had to leave college after a semester or two because of high tuition and living expenses.

All that changed in recent years when the University of Arizona started an in-state trend by offering tuition waivers for students who qualified for Pell Grants. This meant more of our people could attend college and complete their degrees without breaking the family bank. Then came the decision by the University of California system to cover tuition and student services fees for California residents who are enrolled members of Federally recognized tribes.

Today, Dine College announced their plan to offer grants to all students that will basically cover everything from tuition to housing and even meals. According to their marketing & communications officer, their plan is funded by grants and consequently has no specific qualifications tied to a family’s finances. Unlike the existing systems in place at our universities, where funding is based on income disclosed on the FAFSA, and merit-based scholarships.

In summary, let’s encourage one another to get what our elders wanted for us. Which is to be well versed on our Hopi culture, maintain our traditional way of life and to obtain a college education. Thank you for reading.