September 7, 2022

If you are like most Americans, you like to find great deals on everything from TVs to vacations. Sometimes you find something so good that you can’t wait to make that purchase, even if it means eating beans and rice for the next month or two.

When it comes to auto auctions, the current administration’s push to replace the approximately 650,00 GSA vehicles with EVs, deals are going to be so sweet that you’ll want to pick up an auction vehicle for everyone in the house.

While we move toward this mandate, imagine how many of the 645,000 gasoline vehicles in the GSA (2019 figure) fleet are going to be up for auction. So what does this mean for us and how can we participate you ask? First, head on over to GSA Auctions and search for the existing vehicles up for auction. Below are some images of vehicles along with their current bids at the time of publication.

Disclaimer: Auctions can be risky and it is recommended that buyer inspect vehicles prior to placing bids.