Ducey’s order delaying school start has one lawmaker questioning his authority

PHOENIX – Gov. Doug Ducey’s order delaying the start of the fall school year was a disappointment to fellow Republican Sylvia Allen, who chairs the Senate Education Committee.

The governor’s announcement came on the heels of his office’s release of millions of dollars to help schools reopen this fall. The fact that the order came from the governor, and not a vote by the Legislature, has raised questions for some state lawmakers.

In an email to Cronkite News, the conservative Republican from Snowflake said Arizona should not be governed through executive orders, noting that “the legislative branch makes policy and budget allocations, not the executive branch.”

“It is time to stop, call a special session, and get back to the constitutional operations of our state,” Allen said.

Rep. Michelle Udall, R-Mesa, chairwoman of the House Education Committee, doubts that a special legislative session is feasible, and she worries how many legislators would actually show up because of COVID-19 concerns and obligations to family members who may be sick or at risk.

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