*** The Deadline is May 6, 2022 ***

Native Youth ​Summer Camps Grants 

2022 Applications are OPEN!
APPLY BY MAY 6, 2022


The Association provides funding for Tribes and Native-run organizations that use innovative activities which intertwine the old with the new to strengthen traditional cultural knowledge and teach skills to live healthy and productive lifestyle. Applications for funding are based on the following required criteria:

The camp must provide summer programming to Native American Youth up to 18 years of age and be inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ2S+ Native youth;The program must include education on diabetes prevention, nutrition, physical fitness and/or other health and wellness topics;The program should include education on culture, language and community advocacy;The program should involve Tribal Elders and/or have active community involvement; andThe camp must follow safety and security protocols and procedures to protect and care for the youth and Elders, including maintaining social distancing and mask wearing when needed, and provide education for hand washing, and how infectious disease can spread. 
Please note that the Association’s Summer Camp Funding is dependent upon the generosity of our donors. Funding may vary from year to year, therefore funding is not guaranteed.

Between 2003 and 2021, the Association has granted
$224,395 to 149 Camps!

In total, the 2021 Summer Camps reached 1,200 youth from at least 19 Tribes!
​You can read more about our 2021 Native Youth Summer Camps in our REPORT.​The Association on American Indian Affairs provides funding for summer camps who are connecting Native youth with cultural experiences as well as providing curriculum on health, wellness and self-care.  The Association began providing grants to Native Youth Summer Camps in 1963 as a powerful way for the Association to achieve its goals: to protect sovereignty, preserve culture, educate youth and build Tribal capacity. There is significant research that shows when young Native people are connected to their culture, they fare better mentally and emotionally than those who are not. Healthy and strong Native American youth will sustain strong Tribal cultures and protect Tribal sovereignty for years to come.

By Editor