Hardly any at-home workers have returned to their normal workplace

Americans have made sweeping changes to their work, spending and investing habits, according to the first installment of the new Yahoo Finance-Harris poll. Yahoo Finance has teamed with Harris to produce monthly insights on consumer and workplace trends as the nation struggles to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and the punishing recession it has caused.

In the Yahoo Finance – Harris poll, conducted from June 15 to 17, 54% of respondents say they’re currently working from home because of the coronavirus—with 40% working from home full-time and 13% doing so part-time. Just 32% say they’re working at their normal workplace, with no change in routine. And only 4% of those who began working from home because of the virus have returned to their normal work sites, revealing the deep disruptions that remain in America’s work life as coronavirus infections surge to new record highs. (Full results are here.)