Home Dance at Mishongnovi today

Source: Wikipedia


During this time of year, the Hopi people have important ceremonial events to mark the end of the one ceremonial season and start the beginning of another. The Home Dance is an event to send the Katsinas home and all villages have held this event for years.

This year, some villages have decided to have closed events to send the Katsinas home, and others have opted for the traditional plaza dance.

As a member of the Hopi tribe, this annual event was always a time to see a lot of family and friends, some whom you may not have seen in years. The day begins with a very early morning dance and continues throughout the day until early evening.

People congregate over food and conversation, catching up on the latest news from around the reservation. Smiles, hugs, and close contact is always common.

This year, the activities commonly associated with the Home Dance may not seem safe to some Hopi Senom. Especially with the significant rise in positive cases, along with an increase in mortality rates. With some village cemeteries reaching capacity and family unable to send their loved ones off in the traditional Hopi burials some may wonder if we will see another uptick in positive cases following this weekend’s ceremony.

Please share your thoughts and we will post them in the Hopi Times. Be safe and please practice social distancing. Kwa’kway.