Hopi Chairman Debate – Saturday (11/6/21)

Hopi Debate Question

In preparation for the 2021 Hopi Chairman & Vice Chairman Debates, we honor our Hopi Tribal members and extend an invitation to provide questions that may be asked to each Candidate.

Identify if the question is for Chairman or Vice Chairman Candidates. Questions will be categorized equally within subject areas. One question per form.

Submission Ends November 1, 2021. Questions email to honwungsics@gmail.com

Askwali/Kwa-kwai for your participation. Join us November 5 & 6, 2021 at Hopi High School Auditorium.
See Honwungsi Consulting Facebook page for more information.

Also is the link for Hopi members to ask them a question. https://forms.gle/izjAVWDa25YF15x46