Hopi COVID vaccine information

December 12, 2020

Polacca, Arizona – According to anonymous sources/Hopi Times readers, the Hopi Health Care Center is scheduled to receive minimal doses of the Pfizer (mRNA) vaccine this coming week.

We are trying to gather the most recent data regarding this vaccine and will post as the information becomes available.

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What are the known side effects?

Pfizer’s clinical trials have shown no severe side effects.

According to a briefing document released by the FDA’s vaccine advisory committee, the most common side effects were reactions at the point of injection on the body, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever.

Severe adverse reactions occurred in less than 4.6% of trial participants and were less frequent in older adults compared to younger participants.

Health authorities in the UK, where the vaccine roll out began earlier this week, said Wednesday that people with “significant history of allergic reactions” should not receive the vaccine. The advice came after two health care workers “responded adversely” following their shots.

It also remains unclear how safe the vaccine is for other groups, like pregnant women and children under 16.

Source: https://abc7ny.com/covid-vaccine-pfizer-fda-side-effects/8721704/

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