Hopi Elections office information

September 24. 2021

GREETINGS  EVERYONE,  the Hopi Election Board will be out in the community next week, so  provide Voter Information, provide you forms to request for Absentee Voting, Up dating your voter information, filling out applications for the two new polling sites and other information which may become available.  For those who may have  a disability, who may be away from home during election day, November 11, 2021 or if you want to vote in the comfort of your own home,  now is your time to request for an absentee ballot to be mailed to your Post Office box for the General Elections. Come visit  the sites when in your community.  For more information contact our office at 1-928-734-2507/2508 or email kshupla@hopi.nsn.us Have a safe weekend.