February 16, 2023

With all the chatter on news channels regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and its use in applications, such as ChatGPT, stable diffusion, and discord. We thought it would be helpful to share a few videos on what these are, and how they can be used.

As our audience, each of you has a different take on AI, as well as, different levels of understanding. With that being said, we chose not to dive deep into a long drawn out article, but instead provide videos, showcasing these different applications at different levels.

Please do reach out to us and let us know if there are additional resources you feel would be helpful for our readers along with your experiences with this technology. Please share your thoughts on how you see it playing a role for our Hopi people. Is is good for our people? Our culture? Will there be opportunities for our people to generate income as early adopters and learn how to become successful in using AI?