How some Hopi Senom families are reacting to the end of Arizona’s Stay At Home order

Meanwhile, while everyone is out and about hitting up the Casinos that have opened and restaurants who are accommodating people to eat in their dining rooms, we are at home being responsible Hopi senom. Cooking is what we like to do as a family so that we are spending quality time together making good food to eat for our family. Making delicious dishes such as menudo, carnitas tacos and hot wings with our own unique sauce. I think I’d rather be home with my family enjoying the tasty food and knowing I am keeping safe for my family and myself.

We are still practicing the ‘stay at home order’ so that we know our family is safe and protected from the harm that is still lurking out there. We are not immune to this and we should not think we are however, it is the choices that individuals make that can impact our whole society and we are back where we started. Please make the right, responsible decisions so that everyone is safe around you.

Askwali, stay home and stay safe.