How to fight COVID-19 at home:

December 17, 2020

*** This information was sent to us by one of our readers ***

Copied from a post: If you are fighting COVID This helped my sister tremendously. Gloria Soliz was given a choice to live or die. The following is her story.

I would like to know why no one talks about how to fight COVID at home. I came down with Covid on November 13, 2020. November 20th I had to go to the BSA Hospital, running a fever of 103, a rapid Heart Beat, and all other systems that come with Covid. While I was there they treated me for the high fever of 103, plus IV with fluid, not sure what was in it, since I was dehydrated some. Then they ran x-rays, on my chest and lungs which I have Pneumonia at the bottom of my lungs.

The Dr prescribed Azithromycin 250 mg & Dexamethason 6mg, for Covid & Pneumoinia. Then the Nurse came in to put these Antibiotic & Steroid into my IV before they released me to go home, to fight Covid at home, prescribe prescription for both medication. If your temp goes up to 102-106 go the hospital, that is the only way you will get Antibiotic & steroid for Covid, which will at least help you fight it some. That is what they are doing in Amarillo Texas. Do not wait, until it’s to late, they will either admit you or send you home to fight it.

While I was there I asked the Nurse. What can I do to help fight this at Home? She is a Nurse that came from New York, and other States to help out with the Hospitals that are short Staff because of Covid. This is what she told me to do, “if I want to Live or Die, only I had to do it no matter what. You are to sleep on your stomach at all time with Covid. If you can’t sleep on your stomach because of health issues then SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE. DO NOT LAY ON YOUR BACK NO MATTER WHAT!! It smashes your Lungs, which will let fluid set into your Lungs.

Set your clock every 2 hours, while sleeping on your stomach. Get out of bed and WALK 30 min. NO matter how TIRED you are or WEAK!! While walking make sure to work out your arms. This will help open your lungs. Breath in thru your NOSE, and out thru you MOUTH. This will help build up your lungs, plus help get rid of the Pneumonia, or what ever Fluid you might have building into your body. Make sure to set your Clock for 2 hours then walk 30 min. All I can say is DO IT!!

When setting in a recliner, sit up straight do not lay back in the recliner, it will smash you Lungs. While watching TV walk during commercial. Then relax again straight up. I sleep with a C-Pap, I was told not to while having Covid. The air from the C-Pap impacts the air into your lungs, which is bad. We need Oxygen, not air into our Lungs. That is why she said Breath in thru your nose, and out thru your Mouth, big BREATHS.

I was told to eat at least 1 or 2 eggs a day, plus bananas, avocado, asparagus these are good for Potassium. My husband would make me a smoothie of Blue Berries, Strawberries, Bananas, Honey, tea spoon peanut butter (if you can eat Peanut Butter.) I was told to eat Berries.” With the DIARRHEA which almost everyone get, it can wipe out your Potassium. My best friend was put in the Hospital, because it wiped hers out. Diarrhea, what helped me and my kids that all came down with Covid. We drank Pedialyte, Gatorade Zero, Powerade Zero & Water with Electrolytes.

The nurse told me not to drink anything Cold, drink straight from the bottle, or warm it up. Water with Lemon, and little Honey, Peppermint Tea, Apple Cider, what every you can drink. NO MILK PRODUCTS, or PORK MEAT. Vitamin’s D3, C, B, Zinc, Probiotic One-Day, and what ever other Vitamins you can take. Tylenol for fever. Mucinex, or Mucinex DM for drainage, plus helps out on the COUGH, you will get. Pepcid helps for cramps in your legs. Baby Aspirin a day, for Blood Clots that some people are getting in there legs.

Sorry, I do not remember the Nurse name, she made sure to stress Sleeping on your Stomach 2 hours, walking 30 min. work out your arms while walking, and Breath in thru your Nose and out thru your Mouth. If you want to LIVE. I’m on my 4th week now, and doing Good, still get weak and tired by 9 pm, I’m ready for bed. Now, I get up twice a night and walk 30 min. The nurse told me that, here in Amarillo Texas, we have had Patients come back with relapse of Covid. So Make sure to still sleep on your Stomach and walk the 2 weeks after your 14 days of Covid!!

So is there anyway you all can Broadcast, this on TV, and tell the people at least one way to fight Covid at home? All you all talk about is DEATHS?! Tell the People, how to fight it at Home. We don’t know any of the Above, until you get admitted into the Hospital, like my Daughter did for 5, days. And I for 5 hours, then sent home to fight it. If it was not for the Nurse at BSA in Amarillo Texas. I don’t know what would of happened to me at Home. God Bless Her, and all the Nurses, & Doctors. Even at North West Texas Hospital in Amarillo, the nurses tell the patients the same.

So do me a favor do your research, ask the NURSE’S at your Hospital’s, and talk about how to fight Covid at home, and not always about Deaths. GOD Bless you all and stay safe!!