Infighting divides Northern Diné relief group


The defunct Northern Diné COVID 19 Relief Effort was a disaster waiting to happen.

Although with grassroots intentions, the group quickly became a political takeover after stakeholders admitted to their political agenda.

In April, Kyle Jim and Breanna Lameman joined the relief group with the sole mission to help their community and its residents who were struggling to get supplies, as they were told to stay home and isolate to slow the spread of the virus.

“The whole idea behind this was the chapter house wasn’t operating,” said Jim. “Everyone a part of Northern Diné would be community members but the nonprofit they would be supporting is Northern DIné. So this was seen as a grassroots effort.”

Jim was appointed chief coordinator of Northern Diné because he also managed the nonprofit Diné Introspective, which helped support Northern Diné.

Lameman, a student at the University of Arizona, was home and wanted to volunteer and once she did she made accountability regarding donations and following safety protocols priorities.

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