It’s almost Hatch chili season

As many pueblo families know, the Hatch chili season is right around the corner, and our reserves are running low. The season starts around the first of August and runs through September, with some exceptions due to variations in the weather.

As a Hopi family with years of Hatch chili seasons under our belt, we are always anxious for the season to start. We generally will usually pick up the first batch of each season from our local Bashas store in Phoenix. Year after year, Bashas has not let us down and we generally see other stores following suit.

Most of the time we like to begin the season with roasting the chili at home, either on the grill or sliced and fried in olive oil. By mid season, we are starting to sort the hot from the mild and begin to freeze the roasted chili for the winter months. We also like to dry the chili by stringing them on a simple in-door line as an additional way to preserve.

The dried pods are an excellent addition to our meals in the winter, crushed and fried in olive oil.

Please share your favorite dishes and best places to purchase/consume Hatch chili. Kwa’kway.