Job opening at Hopi Health Care: Maintenance Worker

Open: 06/03/2020 to 06/10/2020

Salary: $25 to $29.16 per hour


  • Electrical: Makes repairs that can be accomplished by removing, replacing, tightening, splicing, soldering and insulating defective wiring, controls, equipment and fixtures such as broken and bare wiring, burned out switches and relays, loose connections and fittings, damaged light fixtures, and poorly operating thermostats.
  • Masonry: Maintains, repairs or constructs of a variety of structures and surfaces of brick, block, stone, and other related materials. Receives work orders or oral instructions outlining the work to be done and methods to be used in accomplishing the laying of whole brick, block, and stone in straight, horizontal rows.
  • Carpentry: Measures, cuts, constructs, installs, repairs, and modifies wood, composite, and wood substitute items where specific fit and accuracy are within allowable limits to produce a serviceable product. Applies standard measurements, specifications, and instructions when constructing, installing, or repairing items such as frame structures, decking partitions, shelving, doors, forms, siding, and scaffolds.
  • Plumbing: Installs, modifies and repairs new and existing utility, supply, and disposal systems. Estimates material requirements (pipe fittings, fixtures, etc.) in terms of sizes and types. Cuts, caulks, threads, sweats joints. Installs and repairs valves, inspects and tests piping, often completing repairs.
  • Additional supporting crafts and support can include: Roofing, Painting, Pipe-fitting, Ground and Landscaping, Welding, A/C Equipment Maintenance, Heating and Boiler Equipment Maintenance, and Electrical Equipment Maintenance.

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