Management Analyst position open at the Hopi Health Care Center

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November 23, 2021


The Management Analyst position is located at the Hopi Health Care Center, Administrative Services Department in Polacca, AZ. This position provides contract administrative functions and provide technical assistance as the Contracting Officers Representative (COR). Incumbent will be responsible for inspection, review, and verification of contractors’ work efforts, reports, plans and invoices for the organization’s contracts and reports to the Supervisory Administrative Services.


This position is being re-advertised to solicit additional applications. Applicants who applied previously need not reapply unless submitting updated and/or missing information.

  • Monitors, reviews, and determines whether the contractors’ performance is in compliance with terms and conditions of the contract specifications and inspects all work for full compliance with contract requirements.
  • Interprets, formulates and disseminates technical guidance relative to performance, utilization, operation and maintenance functions including reporting requirements.
  • Maintains effective surveillance of the contracts for compliance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan and initiates changes in surveillance methods.
  • Maintains a file for each assigned contract to include specific material, i.e. letter of designation, documentation of duties/responsibilities, appointment letter, complete copy for the contract, Quality Control Plan, Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan, COR nomination, appointment, and termination memos, all orders and contract modifications.
  • Ensures and provides technician assistance in determining that Government furnished Property and Contractor Acquired Property under the contract is properly maintained in satisfactory condition and that it is used to its designed intent.

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