Natives in comics: ‘Born an Indiginerd’

On the Indian Country Today newscast is guest Dr. Lee Francis IV a publisher and comic book store owner, Johnnie Jae and Weshoyot Alvitre a comic artist and illustrator. 

Dr. Lee Francis IV

“The first memory that I can kind of think back to when I was a kid was really here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this place called Duran Central Pharmacy. There was a spinner rack and my dad we’d go down there and have breakfast or lunch or whatever. And my dad would just let me get whatever comment I wanted. So I remember grabbing comics at the time, but like my earliest memory of comics was the Marvel Almanac. Essentially it was a comic book of superheroes and their powers. So I always loved to check out powers the superheroes had and how they would exist in the world. And it was really exciting. So that’s what I was always looking for.”

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