Navajo family helps elders after virus devastates loved ones

NAVAJO NATION, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — The Navajo Nation was at one point, the hardest hit part of the country during this pandemic. A family who’s lost loved ones to the virus is turning their pain into public service. From sun up to sun down, you can find the Martins driving on the outskirts of Page, Arizona in the back country of the Navajo Nation. Helping elders who don’t have electricity or running water. Sometimes, they’re running low on food and disinfectant, fearful of going out because of COVID-19. “It feels good to be a good person,” said Alicia Martin. 

Martin and her father Franklin are motivated to help households because of how the virus devastated Franklin’s. Three family members, gone. “You never see them, you don’t even get a chance to say goodbye,” said Franklin Martin Sr. Franklin got sick as well, two weeks in the ICU. “It makes you think about your kids,” said Franklin. Martin was spared but her friends were not. “I had a high school friend who past away along with his dad and grandfather,” said Martin.

The horrors the virus brought to the Navajo Nation only emboldened the family to do good. It’s a small operation called ‘Families to Families Ajooba Hasin.” In Navajo that means compassion, caring and kindness. “Every one of their family members has a role. They supply things we take for granted as well as stories they’ll never forget.”

“Very important for them to go out there and share that this is not the flu, this is how quickly it changes,” said Martin. 

The family set up a fundraiser for their efforts to help families, for more information click here. 

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