December 3, 2022

Tourist and others passing through the Hopi community see a desolate land with tumbleweeds blowing past clusters of homes not knowing how our law enforcement community is unable to house criminals. Instead, they see remains of vehicles once the livelihood of Arizona State route 264 gathering dust, unaware of how our law enforcement agency has taken on more than anticipated.

Overgrown trees and grass at the old complex.

Then they drive by the construction site on the Hopi Nation and wonder how tax dollars are being spent and may want to know more information. The Hopi Times decided to get you some answers and encourage you to ask your local leaders for details. Although we were unable to get any contractors to provide specific information, we are going to share what we have gathered to date.

Looking northeast toward the abandoned jail.

Some of the questions our readers have are:

  • What is the timeline for the project?
  • What is the price tag for the project?
  • How many jobs are being created for the construction and eventual staffing of the facility?
  • Will the Hopi police officers finally do their jobs once the new facility is completed?
  • Will criminals finally be held accountable for crimes committed on the Hopi Nation?
  • Will bootleggers and drug dealers finally be held accountable?
  • How much community input was sought in the planning stages?
Cement plant.

At time of publication, we have uncovered the following:

  • The Hopi Detention Center will be a 60-bed facility with a final completion date of February 2023.
  • The design build construction contract was awarded in Fiscal Year 2021.
Construction offices to left of equipment.
Komat’Su WA320 Front End Loader.
Water tank and smaller equipment.
Foundation near completion.
Looking north with The Gap in the background.

We hope this article sparks interest in the ongoing project and encourages community members to ask questions of our leaders. Kwa’kway/Askwali for reading.