Pathetic mainstream media lies about armed “white” St. Louis homeowners defending against “peaceful” BLM protesters who were threatening to kill them

(Natural News) By now, you may have read where a heroic white couple in a wealthy St. Louis suburb was forced to defend their property and their lives from an angry mob of Black Lives Matter supporters who were threatening to kill them.

Actually, if all you’ve read or heard about the incident comes from the “mainstream media,” you haven’t been told any of this. Because once again, the mainstream media is lying to protect BLM thugs because most media editors, reporters, and producer share the same Left-wing Marxist mindset.

According to NewsBusters, the vast majority of establishment media reporters have painted the couple — Mark McCloskey, 63, and wife Patricia McCloskey, 61 — as the villains here, when in fact, they were the victims and, frankly, they are lucky to be alive.