Scholarship to Attend Terra 2022

Hopi Times

December 1, 2021

Terra 2022, the 13th World Congress on Earthen Architectural Heritage, will take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 7-10, 2022. This scholarship program will significantly help cover attendance, accommodation, and travel costs for the Congress for speakers and participants from tribes and pueblos of the Southwest and representatives from Northern Mexico. 

Here is a link to the scholarship’s landing page on Cornerstones’ website, This page includes more information about Terra, the scholarship, and the complete scholarship application. The application materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Terra 2022 will be an educational opportunity for those working with or studying earthen architecture. Hundreds of specialists will attend from fields including building and construction, site management, conservation, anthropology, architecture, and sustainable development. Workshops, presentations, posters, and digital media will illuminate contemporary research and teach best practices in conserving earthen heritage across the world. To learn more about Terra, visit

Applications for the scholarship include a letter of intent, a letter of recommendation, and a resume. The deadline for applications is January 16. Eligibility will be determined largely based on demonstrated experience or interest in earthen architecture in addition to applicants being part of the communities this scholarship is for. This scholarship program is organized by Cornerstones Community Partnerships and the Getty Conservation Institute with funding from the Getty Foundation and Chamiza Foundation. 

If you have any questions about Terra or the scholarship, please email me at