Second stimulus check payment schedule: How soon could the IRS send out more money?

It’s possible you could get your stimulus money faster than you did in the first round, but the timeline to pass a final bill is in flux right now. We worked out some potential dates for when it could happen given the current situation.

The Senate has adjourned until Sept. 8 and the House of Representatives is on recess until Sept. 14, leaving negotiations for another economic stimulus package on hold unless recess is cut short. That makes it tough to pinpoint when eligible Americans could get another direct payment, however, we’ve pieced together a timeline we think could happen as soon as a final deal is inked. (And here’s why the stimulus negotiations might restart soon.)

The House of Representatives, Senate and White House agree that a second $1,200 stimulus check should happen. But Democratic leaders seek at least $2 trillion, which is down from their original starting point of $3.4 trillion — and that’s all very far from the Republicans’ offer, which stands at $1 trillion.

“We have a crisis now. It’s a crisis in democracy. It’s a crisis that so many of our working families are struggling. Congress has got to act,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday.

A new stimulus check can be sent out within a week of a deal, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. That’s quicker than the 19 days it took for the first round of payments to go out after the CARES Act passed in March. Though everything now hinges on a final deal happening on Capitol Hill, we’ve worked out some possible dates of when you might get more economic relief money. This story is updated often as the news continues to develop.