Stanford Law Professor Elizabeth A. Reese

February 13, 2022

Lolma and happy Sunday. Here is a quick article to make you smile.

Elizabeth Reese, enrolled member of the Nambe Pueblo, is an assistant professor of law at Stanford University. The first Native American faculty for the Ivy League Law School.

As an enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe, this news made me proud and I wanted our readers to be reminded that anything is possible.

According to her LinkedIn profile she received her high school diploma in 2007, BA from Yale in 2011, MPhil from Cambridge in 2013, and her JD from Harvard in 2016. Boy, those are some prestigious schools and this shows how Native Americans are just as capable in academics.

Read more about her:

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Please share and celebrate a fellow Pueblo reaching new heights in academia. Kwa’kway.