STaR program is still accepting applications

The Science Teacher Residency (STaR) program was launched in response to the need to expand access to high-quality professional development for Arizona’s science teachers. This new STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) teacher training program, generously supported by Helios Education Foundation, provides instruction and mentoring to third through eighth-grade teachers at no cost to them. The STaR program is designed to enhance educators’ mastery of science content and equip them with the skills needed to effectively teach and engage students.

This program seeks to remove all barriers, many of which are cost-related, for teachers who are looking for STEM training. The STaR program relieves the financial burden, covering all costs related to attendance, including travel, materials, and a stipend equivalent to funding a substitute for their classroom.

Thank you to our Hopi Senom educator from First Mesa for sharing this information. Please take a few minutes to review and see if this is something that would fit into your summer schedule.