Sunshine Suzanne Skyes is Confirmed by the Senate 51 to 45

May 19, 2022

Today is a great day for the Native American community and for women around the country. On Wednesday, the US Senate voted and confirmed Sunshine Suzanne Skyes to be the United States District Judge for the Central District of California. She will fill the seat of retired judge James V. Selina.

Sunshine is Dine, born in Tuba City, Arizona and raised in Gallup, New Mexico. She is a graduate of Stanford, with a BA and JD.

More to come as we dig deeper into the new US District Judge. She was confirmed via a 51 to 45 vote, with 4 not voting. Below is a link to the Roll Call Vote 117th Congress – 2nd Session. Please take some time to see how everyone voted and to thank our Arizona Senators for their support.