Tax Fugitive Apprehended

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Kevin Scott Wynn, 59, of Scottsdale, Arizona, was apprehended last week by the United States Marshals Service after failing to appear for his scheduled sentencing.

A Phoenix jury convicted Wynn on December 5, 2019 of one felony count of tax evasion and three misdemeanor counts of failure to file a tax return. Before trial, Wynn had been on pretrial release, but subject to a curfew and electronic monitoring.

After his conviction, Wynn was released pending sentencing, but required to follow a curfew and wear an ankle monitor. In April 2020, Wynn filed a motion with the court, requesting to lift those restrictions on his release. The District Court sided with the government and refused to modify the conditions of Wynn’s release.

On June 30, approximately four weeks before his scheduled sentencing date, Wynn cut off his ankle monitor, and left it on the ground outside his office. United States Pretrial Services received a tamper alert, sought a warrant, and alerted law enforcement. Over the course of the next 53 days, the United States Marshals Service, with assistance from Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigations, the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Mexican law enforcement authorities worked together to trace Wynn’s movements, contacts, and money. In particular, in the months before he fled – and at a time when he was asserting in court filings that he intended to pay his past due tax obligations – Wynn withdrew more than one million dollars in cash from his business bank accounts.

Mexican law enforcement authorities apprehended Wynn in the wealthy Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City on Friday, August 21, and deported him to Houston the following day. At the time he was apprehended, Wynn had in his possession a Mexican voter identification card with his photograph and another person’s name. 

Wynn currently remains in the custody of the Marshals Service following an initial appearance in Houston on August 24. He will be transported back to Arizona for a sentencing hearing currently scheduled for September 28. At sentencing, Wynn faces a maximum sentence of 96 months in prison, in addition to a restitution order of up to $765,429.22 to account for past due taxes, penalties, and interest.

“I applaud the tireless work of the United States Marshal Service and all of our law enforcement partners to ensure Wynn was caught and that he will face justice for his crimes,” said United States Attorney Michael Bailey.

 “Wynn spent a lot of time and money preparing for his life as an international fugitive,” said United States Marshal David Gonzalez. “Unfortunately for him, his life on the run was for only 53 days. My special thanks to our partners in the Republic of Mexico for their assistance in the capture of Wynn.”

“IRS-CI thanks the U.S. Marshal and his staff for the apprehension of this fugitive,” said Ismael Nevarez Jr., Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Office of IRS Criminal Investigation. “Their efforts will ensure that Mr. Wynn is held accountable for his tax crimes.”

Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigations conducted the underlying investigation, and the United States Marshals Service led the fugitive apprehension efforts. The United States Attorney’s Office, District of Arizona, Phoenix, handled the prosecution.

CASE NUMBER:            CR-18-1649-PHX-SMB 
RELEASE NUMBER:           2020-070_Wynn


Department of Justice – U.S. Attorney’s – Office District of Arizona