November 8, 2022

In a village northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona, members of the Hopi tribe shuffle in and out of the local polling sites to ensure their voices are heard for the 2022 midterm election. Members of the Hopi tribe have historically voted for the Democratic Party, regardless of the party’s ability to help them overcome poverty, unemployment, and reliable water resources.

Sipaulovi Community building as a voting site.

Even after experiencing the hardships caused by the pandemic and the highest inflation rate since 1982, many are still not open to giving the Republican Party a chance for change. Instead, they subscribe to the narrative that the Republican Party is only for those with great wealth. They are comfortable paying exorbitant prices for groceries and hardware, while enriching the owners of the few convenience stores on the Hopi Nation. Without knowing better, many do not see the benefits that are available with personal wealth and small business ownership that the Republican Party encourages.

We reached out to local residents to ask if there was any chance they would vote along GOP lines this midterm election. Curious to know if the high inflation rates are having an effect on their outlook, we asked them to share their opinions and just how they voted this time around. We are excited to share the outcome as we visit the local polling stations. Please stay tuned for the final coverage as polls get ready for the influx of voters getting off work.