Water trailers stolen from nonprofit organization that aids Navajo Nation

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A nonprofit group that helps provide water to families on the Navajo Nation said thieves have put a damper on their efforts.

Zoel Zohnnie, founder of the organization Water Warriors United, said two trailers were stolen from them.

“Two of our water hauling trailers were stolen, two of the flatbeds one black one, which is the Big Tex model and the other one is a red one, which is a Top Hat trailer model,” he added.

Zohnnie said the trailers were essential in helping them accomplish their work and that hauling water was the organization’s way of providing pandemic relief for the Nation.

“We haul water with these flatbed trailers and these large tanks to remote areas of the Navajo Nation to families in need,” he said.

Not only did the thieves get away with the trailers, but Zohnnie said other key equipment is gone, too.

“We also had all of our equipment on it, we had 550 gallon water tanks that were strapped down to it, we had orange rigid toolbox that were bolted to it, and water pumps that were bolted to it along with all of our hoses and fittings all the equipment needed to haul water to people on the Navajo Nation,” he said.

More than $12,000 worth of equipment now has to be replaced.

“These will be replaced. I mean it’s unfortunate, and they are material things, but when you look at the impact of the theft, you know, and the ripple effect that it will have on our system our delivery system even just for today,” Zohnnie said.

Gallup Police are currently working off of a handful of surveillance images to help them catch the culprit.

Zohnnie said he hopes whoever stole the trailers will make it right.

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