Western Paiute Band of Shoshone: Still hoping for the best

Patty Talahongva

Indian Country Today

Chairman of the Western Paiute Band of Shoshone in Reno, Nevada, Arlan Melendez says the tribe is recovering from the pandemic. He describes how being a tax-base tribe helped them fare better than they initially thought. He describes the challenges ahead and what the next steps for the tribe are.

Indian Country Today national correspondent Dalton Walker shares information on the voluntary vaccine trial being offered on the Navajo Nation and the community’s response. He also talks sports with Kansas City football and Tour de France news and tells us about two upcoming elections he’s covering.

Some comments from Arlan Melendez:

“Thank you very much for inviting me. As you know, we do have two land bases about 18 miles apart but we have 1,180 tribal members of the Western Paiute Shoshone. We’ve been challenged since COVID first started in about March when we issued our declarations of emergency status for the tribe. And we have held those in place. We’ve had roadblocks on some of our roads. And so we monitor monthly and last meeting, we decided to keep them in place through the month of September…We’re still hoping for the best, but it is getting better.”

“We’ve had a number that have recovered, which is good, in the county…I think there’s something like 40 plus members that actually at some point were positive. We’re fortunate that we only have 10 active cases.”

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