What are the Hopi Senom’s thoughts on how the Hopi Tribe should be utilize the $85.5 billion

Please share your thoughts on how you feel the tribal leaders should best utilize the incoming $85.5 billion from the CARES Act.

The staff here at the Hopi Times will post your comments and add to the list of ideas here:

  • Invest the funds and let them grow.
  • Upgrade the Hopi Nation’s internet/telephone/data infrastructure.
    • Wireless services versus hardware installation (i.e. fiber optics)
  • Develop and support local businesses to provide services such as:
    • Grocery stores
    • Gas stations
    • Hair and nail salons
    • Manufacturing (e.g. face masks, nitrile gloves, clothing, etc.)
    • Vehicle sales and service
  • Invest in our current off reservation properties.
  • Purchase more off reservation properties as long term investments.

Please don’t hesitate to provide comments and/or recommendations. You can submit them below as comments on the page or you can email them to the Hopi Times.

Should there be more transparency on how our leaders are purchasing items such as telecommunication systems? Is there enough research being done in order to get us competitive pricing with the best possible service? Also, should we enter into leasing these services versus purchasing them outright?

Also, are there services already available from larger government organizations that we can piggy back onto? For instance, BIA/BIE/IHS/etc.

Are there solutions available via open source software?