What is really in the most recent stimulus?

December 22, 2020

Lolma. So we have waited for our political leaders to reach an agreement on the COVID stimulus, with many of our artists who rely on tourism to make ends meet. We finally received information on Sunday that a family of four will receive $2,400 as soon as next week.

What we haven’t heard is what organizations are being funded as outlined in the nearly 5,600 plus page bill. The stimulus bill is part of a larger bill totaling nearly $2.4 trillion, which includes funding of the government through September 2021. We hope to provide information on what is really being funded and as thus far, we have found that this information:

  • Gender programs in Pakistan to the tune of $10 million
  • $700 million in aid for Sudan
  • $135 million for Burma
  • $1.3 billion in military assistance for Egypt
  • $506 million for Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama as part of the Central America Regional Security Initiative
  • $284 billion for another round of Paycheck Protection Program loans for small businesses, $12 billion of which is earmarked for minority-owned businesses
  • $13 billion in increased SNAP funding
  • 400 million to food banks and food pantries through The Emergency Food Assistance Program.
  • $175 million for nutrition services for seniors, such as Meals on Wheels
  • $13 million for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, which serves more than 700,000 older Americans monthly