Who’s ready for the 2020 Hatch Chili season?

Waiting for the first batch of Hatch Chili to hit the local stores has become an annual tradition for us here in the valley. To date, Bashas has been the first major Arizona grocer to stock fresh Hatch Chili.

We generally have a taste for the very hot and the mild variety. A lot of the time we start with roasting the chili in the backyard alongside a bbq. It isn’t until we get our fill that we start freezing some roasted chili for the winter and to share with our co-workers.

Finally, when we are well into the season and have our freezer packed, we turn to drying some to be used in the winter. We like to crush the dried Hatch Chili and fry in some olive oil.

Please share your favorite Hatch Chili memories and be safe. Kwa’kway.

Links to some random Hatch Chili sites

Typically, the season begins in the first part of August and runs through the end of September.