Yakama artist inspired by Spilyay and the Hopi clown accepted into Netflix animation program

May 1, 2022

We can see ourselves in our favorite characters of myth, history and fiction.

Michael Sekaquaptewa relates to Spilyay, the coyote trickster, and the Hopi clown.

“Being of multi-tribal descent, in my work as an artist I conjure the spirit of mischief and don the traditional garb of the Hopi clown,” said Sekaquaptewa, a multi-tribal member of Yakama, Navajo and Hopi lineage.

But those mischief-makers don’t just entertain their audiences. They also teach valuable lessons — and as an artist, that appeals to Sekaquaptewa, who will be a part of a four-month long mentorship program with the Netflix Animation Foundations Program and IllumiNative.

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Source: Yakima Herald-Republic