Gallup IHS Opens New Modular ED

December 17, 2023

In a groundbreaking stride toward better healthcare accessibility for the Gallup Native American community and neighboring tribes, the Gallup Indian Medical Center (GIMC) has unveiled a series of transformative enhancements to its Emergency Room services. These improvements mark a significant leap forward in providing crucial medical care and support to the region.

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The GIMC Emergency Room, a lifeline for many individuals seeking urgent medical attention, the new 14-bed emergency department modular building aimed at streamlining processes, augmenting facilities, and enhancing patient experiences.

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The revitalized Emergency Room at GIMC stands as a beacon of progress, representing a significant step forward in healthcare provision for the Native American population. These improvements not only elevate the standard of emergency care but also signify a commitment to health equity and well-being for all who seek assistance at GIMC.

As these upgrades take root, they symbolize a promising chapter in healthcare services for the Navajo and neighboring tribes, fostering a healthier, more resilient community for generations to come. Please also see our story on the plans to renovate the existing ED (emergency department), approximately 7,048 bgsf (building gross
square footage), will be renovated for the new ED.


  • Chief Executive Officer – CDR Pamela Detsoi-Smiley (505) 722-1403
  • Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Jericho Lewis (505) 722-1444
  • Chief Operating Officer – Valarie Tolino (505) 722-1400
  • Special Assistant to the CEO – Theresa Galvan (505) 726-7084
  • Acting Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Erica Lindsey (505) 722-1410
  • Chief Nurse Executive – Tami Murphy Allison (505) 722-1455
  • Chief Quality Management – Vacant (505) 722-1368
  • Deputy Quality Manager – Jacob Manche (505) 722-1367
  • Chief Community Health – Valonia Hardy (505) 722-1306
  • Chief Financial Officer – Nanette Benally (505) 722-1599
  • Chief of Staff – Dr. Carolyn Hayes Wong (505) 722-1407
  • Deputy Chief of Staff – Dr. David A. Cheever (505) 722-1407
  • Tohatchi Health Center HSA – Zondra Bitsuie (505) 733-8415

We have a 24 Hour Nurse Advice Line for You! (505) 985-5206


Gallup Indian Medical Center
P.O. Box 1337
Gallup, NM 87301
Phone: 505-722-1000

Who should I call?

Administration FAX: 505-722-1800
Medical Staff/Credentialing FAX: 505-722-1771
Human Resources FAX: 505-722-1386
Medical Records FAX: 505-863-6547 and 505-863-6741
HIM Contact Numbers: 505-722-1112 and 505-722-1116
HIM FAX Numbers: 505-863-6741 and 505-863-6547

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