HempTech Design LLC, Housing Crisis Solutions

March 1, 2023


The construction industry is witnessing a revolutionary shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly building materials, and hemp is emerging as a frontrunner in this green revolution. This versatile plant has the potential to not only transform the construction sector but also offer unique advantages for communities seeking sustainable solutions. This article explores the benefits of hemp usage in the construction industry and delves into how it can be applied to benefit the Navajo Nation.

HempTech Design LLC, aims to build energy efficient, International Residential Code 2022 compliant, houses for the veterans, and those in need of homes or recipients of the ARPA funds. HempTech Designs is a competitive company that is different from the rest. HTD uses products that are natural, and carbon negative to produce. Our initiative is to promote healthy living, healthy air quality, home durability, heat/ cold retention during harsh seasons. With our cost effectiveness we are able to utilize funds to the fullest. With our competitive cost, we are able to triple house builds that most subcontractors produce markup fees. Our reduction in subcontractor usage, allows for more funds to be allocated to more residents, to build more houses. HempTech Designs LLC, was established to reduce natural resource consumption, prevent Volatile Organic Compound chemical emissions, Retain heat/cooling within a building envelope, produce indoor air quality, reduce tree, and coal exhaustion.


The problem everyone faces is we are dealing with an energy crisis, especially in the Navajo nation. From the time I was young, there used to be an abundant number of trees, however as we progress into the future, we rapidly consume our resources. With winters being drier and harsher than the year before, people mine trees whether they are dead or alive. Excessive mining will result in resource depletion. It is up to us to adapt to climate change. In addition, people are struggling with an increase in material prices to build homes, especially with each major component needed to build a wall which is (excluding other building applications needed)


HempTech Design LLC’s building style. Our goal is to maximize small square footage in a house to reduce material cost and minimize clutter within a home. These floor plans are susceptible to change based on window/ door selection. Final plans will be generated when Chapter house/ Iinaba officials authorize proceedings. Architectural floor plans and 3D renderings will be in association with Chinle High School Architecture program. However final engineering will be associated with HempBlock USA. The goal is to get community involvement and utilize workshops for onsite training. We aim to utilize this product as the first established hemp home project on the Navajo reservation and influence other chapter houses that are receiving ARPA funds, to utilize HempTech Design LLC, as a prime builder. Please note that Hemp Blocks are a composition of hemp, lime and water and cannot be used as a recreational drug.

Quality Control:

Our team values quality workmanship, we view our product as not a home but a signature brand. We are not just representing HempTech Designs LLC and Rovala LLC, however we are representing the entire hemp community, and our vendors. Our team will hold jobsite training with the Hemp block vendors. We will also project workshops with the community to bring a social enlightenment to our building style.

Renewable and Sustainable:

Hemp is a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires minimal water, pesticides, or herbicides. Its cultivation has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to traditional construction materials like concrete or steel. Embracing hemp in construction aligns with sustainable practices, offering a greener alternative for the Navajo Nation.

Carbon Capture and Reduced Emissions:

Hemp absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide during its rapid growth, acting as a natural carbon sink. Utilizing hemp in construction materials contributes to carbon capture, mitigating the carbon footprint associated with traditional building materials. This is particularly crucial for regions, like the Navajo Nation, where environmental conservation is a priority.

Energy-Efficient Insulation:

Hemp-based materials, such as hempcrete, provide excellent insulation properties. This not only enhances energy efficiency in buildings but also offers a natural and breathable alternative to conventional insulation materials. In the harsh climates of the Navajo Nation, effective insulation is paramount for comfortable and sustainable living conditions.

Job Creation and Economic Opportunities:

Integrating hemp cultivation and processing into the construction industry on the Navajo Nation presents an opportunity for job creation and economic development. Establishing local hemp industries can provide employment opportunities, skill development, and support community-driven initiatives.

Cultural Sensitivity and Traditional Knowledge:

Hemp has historical significance in various cultures, including Native American communities. Engaging with hemp as a sustainable building material allows for the incorporation of traditional knowledge and practices. The Navajo Nation can leverage this opportunity to weave cultural sensitivity into modern sustainable construction. HempTech Designs LLC, is a Native American startup company, that wants to reimplement traditional value within a home. HTD wants to reimplement Hozhó, into the lifestyle. With our minimalistic ideas we are able to maximize square footage in a home and have designated requirements under our warranty to teach individuals that a home is a representation of the mind.

Durable and Versatile Materials:

Hemp-based materials exhibit durability and versatility. Hempcrete, for example, is not only resistant to pests and mold but also possesses excellent thermal mass. These characteristics make hemp-based construction materials suitable for a variety of building applications, providing resilience against the challenges posed by the Navajo Nation’s diverse climate.


The benefits of incorporating hemp into the construction industry are not only environmental but also socio-economic. For the Navajo Nation, embracing hemp offers a unique opportunity to blend tradition with innovation, fostering sustainable development and enhancing the resilience of communities in the face of environmental challenges. By harnessing the power of hemp, the Navajo Nation can build a sustainable future that preserves both cultural heritage and the planet.

“Better Homes equals Better Minds”

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted to the Hopi Times staff by HempTech Design, LLC